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I have been sugaring since 2006. I developed a passion for sugaring after previously dealing with my own skin issues due to waxing & shaving. I am dedicated to providing personal care to restore your skin to the best possible condition


So what is Sugaring?

For Starters, Sugar paste is 100% natural!

Professional body sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair removal for women, men and children. Sugaring is done by trained Alexandria Professionals. Ensuring the highest degree of education in the industry! Click HERE to learn more about sugaring

Why You Should Get Sugared

Sugaring is 100% skin friendly for all skin types. The Alexandria sugar paste is made from all natural ingredients. It is so natural you can eat it! All of the Alexandria products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It is only warmed to body temperature, which ensures no burning of the skin. The sugar paste cannot adhere to live skin cells. It will only exfoliate the dead skin cells leaving soft smooth supple feeling skin.

If you haven't tried sugaring instead of waxing, you don't know what you're missing. Book your first appointment with us today, your skin will thank you for the rest of your life!


Here's what San Diego has to say about their sugaring experience at Molly's Sugar Shack!

Leanne S.

Molly's Sugar Shack is the best place to go for the best hair removal! Sugaring is so much better for your skin than waxing!! My unwanted hair doesn't grow back as fast and my skin is smoother and glows after being at the sugar shack! Molly's place is so relaxing and the atmosphere is so lovely! Mermaids and seashells are all about and it's always super ultra clean! It's right in the heart of Pacific Beach so that's a plus too!;) Thank you Molly for the best service ever, and the sweetest!!

Jessica L.

This place is Alexandria certified! That was a big thing that I was looking for when I wanted to get sugared... Molly does a really good job, and she really educates you on what she's doing and why. I'm excited to go back in four weeks and keep getting sugared!

Holly E.

Molly is incredibly nice and very professional.  The process of sugaring is superior to waxing.  With waxing I have more problems with ingrown hairs and sometimes the hairs break.  Sugaring takes the whole hair and not the skin around it.  I recommend Molly's Sugar Shack for any hair removal needs. Molly really cares about her customers and all their skin needs.

Chris F.

Fabulous customer service. Brought my daughter in for eyebrow sugar. She says this was her best experience getting this type of facial servicing. Strongly recommend. As a father, I am not an expert in this, but Molly the owner reached out personally to gather my thoughts and those of my daughter. Very impressive. Thank you