Sugaring vs. Waxing


All Natural
We carry nothing but natural and organic ingredients. You don't need to worry about poisonous chemicals touching your skin.
No Burn
Applied at body temperature and will never burn your skin.
Easy Clean Up
Sugaring is water soluble. This means never feeling sticky after hair removal. It literally wipes right off.
Sugaring cannot adhere to live skin cells, extracts shorter hairs, exfoliates dead skin cells, helps free ingrown hairs & gentle enough to go over same area multiple times without causing skin irritation or damage.
100% Sanitary
Sugaring is antibacterial (cannot breed in jar), Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Sanitation is increased when used in conjunction with essential tonic, gloves and Presept™ antimicrobial cleanser, Sugar can be used over and over discarded after each treatment never used on any other person. *FYI: Sugar was used to heal wounds during the Civil War as it helps to prevent infection while promoting healing.
Minimal discomfort and irritation, hair is removed in it's natural direction, extracts hairs intact while safely removing hair from follicle, , healthy, hairless results, helps eliminate ingrown hairs and promotes healing, Skin feels soft, clean and comfortable, Sugaring extracts shorter hairs (earliest anagen stage) 1/16” leading to follicle depletion and more refined hair each treatment.
Sensitive Skin
Sugaring is safe for sensitive skin conditions, Eczema, Psoriasis, children, women, and men of all skin types and ethnicities.


Waxing contains chemicals, resins, and preservatives.
The wax used for traditional waxing must be heated up to high temperatures and may cause burning or scarring.
Not So Easy Clean Up
What a mess! Waxing is a chore to clean up and sometimes requires solvents to remove which can leave the skin sticky.
Damaging Skin
Waxing adheres directly to live skin cells causing pain and irritation. Wax should not be applied to the skin no more than twice.
Bacteria can thrive inside wax jars. Cross contamination is a constant danger from double dipping. Bacteria mixed with bodily fluids create a breeding ground in the waxing pot.
Ingrown Hairs
While being very painful, waxing also can cause hair damage. Broken hairs lead to early regrowth. Follicle distortion, long term damage to the skin, and ingrown hairs are all susceptible to traditional waxing.
Sensitive Skin
Traditional waxing is not 100% safe for any skin type like sugaring is. Possessing sensitive skin can turn a waxing session into a nightmare.


Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Hair Removal is a unique Sugaring Technique which extracts hair in the natural direction of hair growth safely without negative side-effects while eliminating discomfort.

Sugaring works with our body temperature. As we mold the Sugar on it melts into the pores, wraps around the follicle & pulls the hair out in its natural direction popping the hairs out by the roots, improving ingrown hair issues dramatically & causing hair to get softer, finer and more sporadic.

If switching from Waxing to Sugaring Hair Removal ingrown hairs may appear as if they get worse before they get better because the Sugaring is starting to heal your skin & it will start to purge & detoxify. Body Sugaring breaks down the layers of damaged skin & starts to bring the deep seated ingrown & trapped hairs to the surface.

With proper Sugaring Technique, exfoliation and hydration (Alexandria’s Full Circle Of Skin Care)of a home care system there should be no breakage of hairs & your skin will be in prime condition.

You should be able to tell a difference after your first Sugaring Treatment.

*100% Sanitary and 100% Natural

*Won’t stick to live skin cells, only adheres to dead skin cells and hair follicle.

*It’s not hot, it will NEVER burn the skin.

*Water soluble- you will not feel sticky after & Sugar won’t stain your clothes.

*Safe for Eczema, Psoriasis, men, women & children of all ages & ethnicities.

*We wear gloved hands, no strips & mold the Sugar on skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, then flick it off. Which means that it comes out in the natural direction of growth & does not break hairs if proper technique is administered.

*Can extract shorter hairs 1/16- 1/4 inch (early anagen phase).

*Leaves skin feeling soft, supple & smooth.